Join us – if you can!

If you truly want to change the world — and have the talent and gumption to back up your ambition, you’ve come to the right place.

Here lies a priceless opportunity to work on highly impactful projects that will have significant lasting impact, alongside recognized regional leaders.

Interested applicants should email with their CV and a cover letter summarizing how this fits into what they care about doing.

1. Full-time hires

We seek highly intelligent and principled people, committed to making the world a better place, with targeted research, analysis and action in key areas of need.

We look for the same high performers that Goldman and McKinsey would hire, coupled with a streetsmart sense given the myriad paths a high-impact and ambitious sustainable development project can take. We are not looking for academic research, but applied research that will ground major strategies and form the bedrock of major developmental projects – fact-based, laser-focused action.

Candidate Requisites:

  • Idealistic pragmatists with integrity and drive
  • Highly intelligent and analytical minds, wide open to review challenges from all relevant angles, professionalism, detail-oriented, ability to deliver high quality (including scrupulously doublechecked) research and analysis typically under tight deadlines, ability to maintain absolute onfidentiality, sense of urgency. All these are key, and ideally combined with the ability to see both the forest and the trees.
  • The ability to be concise is also very important – unless your thoughts / analysis / expertise are incredibly insightful. And bs is an absolute no.
  • Singaporeans preferred, unless you have unique and exceptional expertise/insights. We may have resident positions open in Pakistan and Myanmar going forward, and if so, will be looking for high-performing citizens of the respective countries.

Successful candidates have profiles coupling civil society work with graduate degrees from world-best universities in fields of interest, eg education. However, this is certainly not a must; we are quite capable of assessing intelligence and capability independent of credentials.

Given the intensive training involved, we expect people to commit for a minimum of 3 years, ideally longer and growing into partners of PhilanthropyWorks, and forming part of the pool of thoughtful, high-impact civil society leaders for Asia. High performers hoping to parachute in for a year to have some Social Entrepreneurship glitter for their Wharton/Stanford/Harvard MBA applications, should raise this upfront.

We are prioritising recruitment for our new SE – Total Wellness Asia, which focuses on B2B distribution of world-best, lab-certified radiation shield technology for iPads and major smartphones, thus supporting the operational costs of PhilanthropyWorks and its pro bono projects.

2. Expert Volunteers

Share your expertise and time

PhilanthropyWorks does not use volunteers, as our work is highly intense and needs much expertise or training. The exception is for experts in:

  • Audit (CPAs)
  • Legal (ad-hoc, if needed to review contracts, once PW changes its legal form) and
  • Website update (quarterly) help

These should take a couple of hours each, per month max.

For 2 pro bono projects in Singapore and Pakistan however, we will likely augment with volunteers – experts in sustainable development, model-building, statistics, psychology, targeted job-training and early/primary education. So please step up or invite your friends!

If you have the above talents, or others to share, please send your CV to, with the Subject Header: “Have __ skills; available for __ months at __ hours/month, starting _” and share with us a short introduction on yourself.

3. Summer 2013 hires

PhilanthropyWorks will be offering 1-2 summer internship positions this year for MBAs of top programs, or graduate disciplines of interest.

The interns’ combined portfolio will comprise of the following; the exact combination will depend on how fast the projects have moved, and the interns’ capabilities and progress:

  1. Rigorous, extremely careful research and analysis of complex and large datasets reflecting holistic developmental indicators, taking care to filter and use only high-quality information sources. Communicate methodology and findings in a concise manner, with graphs or infographics for quick communication to other stakeholders, which include ministers, senior development aid leaders and operational partners. Job training and low-cost housing are the highest priorities; health and education are important as well.
  2. Growing revenue of the wellness SE
    • Review & improvement of presentation materials and marketing strategy in B2B rollout
    • Setting sales goals, closing deals, implementing and measuring impact for business reporting: a large spectrum of running a lean social enterprise
    • Reaching out to charities/fundraising groups as co-partners; they can have a 12% revenue share for the products they sell to their networks
  3. Rollout of a Microphilanthropy site for Singapore “GR”
    • Streamlining the investigation and summary of needs in each case surfaced, for a 1-page web share; this will probably involve the management of a volunteer core team to review case summaries and ensure quality control of facts and summaries, with tags so that people can share, learn, act and benchmark more effectively.
    • Streamlining the process by which “case teams” that help each person/family in need, share
      on unique pages.
    • Likely planning of 1 or 2 big discussion groups that will be open to members of the public interested in helping with, or having expertise in the subject. The goal of the pow wow is not only to share expertise and surface ideas but to come up with specific action plans and people stepping up, for specific cases to progress. Time is precious, and no resource spent should be wasted. TEDxGR will probably be too ambitious in the first 6 months, but if we can do it well and it can help ramp up more people getting effective aid, why not?
  4. Formulation of a social media strategy for 1 or both SEs, and/or GR at the basic, intermediate and comprehensive levels, while bearing in mind that we are very time-poor.
  5. Be Sociable, Share!