Project Gotong Royong SG

GR is our ambitious peer-to-peer (“P2P”) microphilanthropy and charity site for Singapore, empowering our people, and bridging community resources with target beneficiaries, for the greater good. We seek your help to uncover and address individual pockets of need, often overlooked and inadequately addressed by official channels.

Orchard elderly seller - Feb 2013


Our model is predicated on augmenting, not supplanting, official channels and charities, and we plan to work closely with 1 Community Development Council (“CDC”) as a pilot for the next 1-2 years, as well as all quality charities in that area. While focusing on surfacing needs of that 1 CDC, we will also highlight cases from other parts of Singapore that we come across, possibly in an 80-20 split.

Likely Needs

  • Widowed
  • Ex-prisoners
  • Physically challenged
  • Familes with complex needs

Taking families with complex needs as an example, we plan to use a case team approach, providing a multi-pronged solution involving:

  • Counseling
  • Financial support (food, transport at minimum)
  • Tutors
  • Jobs

For such families, we hope to find helpers to serve as their advocates/champions for at least 6 months, helping to follow up with government channels or charities to ensure that aid is indeed delivered to such families, and that they’re not floundering in bureaucracy. They would surface to us any key unmet need, so that we can help address it.

How you can be an Angel

Time : if you are task-focused, you may want to be a project manager or spread the word; if you’re a people person, then you should probable be in a client-facing role

Skills eg counselling, mental health therapy, tuition. Esp solid IT skills to build a Wiki-type website of concise summaries (Einstein: as short as possible, but no shorter) sourced from the public

Cases involving children will have an additional sector lead to ensure best practices and optimal protection, even as we seek to help them. In all cases (including adults, unless permission is given), names will be anonymized so that only the actual volunteers involved will know the latter’s identities.

PhilanthropyWorks will provide sector training and oversight, on a quarterly/regular basis, to committed volunteers. Let’s regularly learn from one another, and from global best practices where appropriate, to better serve our society.

Going forward, we’d like to find an exco committed for 1-3 years, and spin this off as an IPC once appropriate.

Want to help?

Email with your CV, indicating how you’d like to apply your talents, and the commitment period. If you have resources you’d like to contribute (cash, hours of medical expertise, tuition centre spots for students in need…), please also write and let us know the details.

We’d also like to explore the formation of expert circles eg doctors, so that when a need arises, we can email a pool of people (MSF style) and it’s likelier that someone is immediately available.

We’d also appreciate your support on Facebook: Gotong.Royong.SG!


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