How You Can Help

1. Provide senior corporate leads, especially to the Head of IT, or the Head of HR/Employee Welfare.

The ideal is an introduction cc-ing Or if you prefer, just provide us with the name and contact information, and we will follow up.

2. Buy / spearhead bulk orders (>20) amongst your friends and family; you’ll be protecting their health and yours.

Please fill in the google docs order list, pay using the bank transfer information above, and email with both the form and the transaction ID.

3. Get your business/workplace to serve as a display/distribution point!

Please support us by “liking” & sharing Total.Wellness.Asia on Facebook!

Donate your airmiles or hotel nights

These are essential for travel to our pro bono project in Pakistan, or to speak at major conferences like Harvard Social Entrepreneurship Conference

Your support is vital so that we don’t have to turn down any more conference invitations; civil society conferences tend to be pay-your-own-way.

Kindly email with “Donation of X miles on Y airline/alliance/hotel by #name), along with your Frequent Flyer/stayer account number.

Host a fundraising party / dinner. OR lend your home/venue

PW’s founder can speak and share about the Pakistan project, Gotong Royong or anagreed topic, with a slideshow on our project work.

In 1H2013, PhilanthropyWorks will be celebrating our 5th anniversary of service with a fundraiser, and we will also be co-driving the Singapore/Southeast Asia launch of the Global Social Entrepreneurship book mentioned above.

So celebration venues are definitely needed and much appreciated.

Dedicate your wedding/birthday/celebration, so that net proceeds/whatever you wish, can benefit society. Please include our homepage/FB page. Thanks! : )

Join us on Facebook / Twitter etc!

Going forward, to streamline workflow, Facebook will likely be our key information
dissemination point for key updates, including our 5th anniversary celebration of service,
and Christmas 2013 gift catalog.

So “like” us here:!

And hopefully, also Total.Wellness.Asia & Gotong.Royong.SG!

If you don’t use Facebook due to lack of time or privacy concerns etc, we would appreciate if you include a line about PhilanthropyWorks’ service whenever you reach out to your friends, eg email tagline or New Year email.

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