PhilanthropyWorks (“PW”) is a Singapore-based, Asia-focused social enterprise (“SE”), that substantially raises clients’ philanthropic impact – on an absolute and per-dollar basis. We co-create transformative philanthropy with lasting impact on the poor and the neglected, often by helping them
stand on their own feet.

Founded in February 2008 as Asia’s first philanthropy advisory and implementation service, PW adopts a client-centric, results-driven approach, in advising family and corporate philanthropists, as well as governments. We:

  1. Undertake deep due diligence and insightful analysis, in philanthropists’ chosen sector and region of interest.
    • PW’s approach is also differentiated by its cross-sectoral approach, reaching across the public, private and non-profit sectors, to utilize the collective expertise and resources – essential to having real sustainable impact.
  2. Craft holistic strategies – based on a clear theory of change – to tap synergies for increased
    impact, based on project parameters and potential tipping points
  3. Optimise Project Management
  4. Conduct Impact Reviews – interim and final

Critically, we stand ready to implement the resulting plans of action if need be, so that clients’ philanthropic dreams can effectively progress, by filling in gaps in the philanthropic value chain.

By applying business sensibilities such as performance metrics, transparency and a tailored strategy (prefaced by a frank and holistic discussion), PW aims to draw more private sector funds towards helping the least privileged of Asian society by demonstrating higher holistic Returns on Investment (ROIs).

For instance, the current Pakistan pro bono project (Audacious Hope) involved resources and advice from Cabinet Ministers and senior international developmental leaders such as the Country Directors of USAID, The World Bank, Asia Development Bank and UN Development Program in designing and implementing the project plan, despite PW having nothing to offer them, and having no prior track record in that country.

Our predominant focus for 2013 and 2014, is Singapore, Pakistan and potentially Myanmar. If and only if both schedule and funding permit us to maintain high standards of excellence, we will take on short-term advisory projects for the UN in Timor and a top-of-class education charity in New Zealand.

PhilanthropyWorks is particularly interested in projects that address the Millenium Development Goals, in particular poverty alleviation – via targeted job-training, and education. Each philanthropy portfolio is structured with short-term and medium-term components to see beneficiaries from survival to sustainable independence.

  • Immediate needs are addressed in the form of service delivery, providing quick wins to demonstrate results and encourage first-time project sponsors in particular.
  • Medium-term components seek to build sustainable change
  • Where it makes sense – and only for seasoned philanthropists – long-term, higher-risk and higher-return project components may be recommended if appropriate, eg seeking mindset shifts or shaping policy.

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