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Speaking at Harvard 2

Vivian Claire Liew’s burning passion to serve society effectively, has been distilled into a laser focus
on Asia’s poor and neglected. She has brought to bear her world-class hybrid experience across the
public, private and non-profit spheres, in addressing critical gaps in Asia’s developmental sphere.

Vivian is recognised as a thought leader and expert practitioner in Asian philanthropy; select
speaking engagements include the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference, the Asean 100 Leadership
Forum, the Asian Family Business Forum, TEDx, and top wealth management firms’ client events.
PhilanthropyWorks was also sought by The Wharton School as a founding partner in its PennSEM
Program in social entrepreneurship.

Vivian was the first Asian elected as board director of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Nobel Peace Prize
Winner Doctors without Borders’) in Brussels, and has field experience as their financial controller in
Liberia. She is recognised as 1 of Asia’s next-generation leaders by the Asean 100 Leadership Forum,
Asia Society and a third-party Asia-Pacific Government. At home, she was honoured by Singapore’s
leading women’s publication as 1 of their 50 most inspiring women. Vivian also serves as judge and
board director to select social enterprises. She was chosen from amongst global peers for the APEC
Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit in 2010.

Graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s Huntsman Program with 2 honours degrees
(Wharton & College) in 3 years, Vivian was chosen to launch The World Bank’s Junior Associate
Program as their first professional hire direct from undergraduate school. Serving in the Public Sector
Reform Anchor in their Washington DC headquarters, she was promoted after four months. She then
worked in Corporate Finance at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong, and served as the business manager
to the UBS Singapore Country Head and concurrently the wealth management head, before founding

With Muhammad Yunus

Vivian with Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank

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